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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
That's obviously not my real name. LOL.

Uhhhhhh. Student. Science. Law. Debate. Writing. Teaching. Word art. Calligraphy. Asian. Loves Europe and America. School. World War II jokes. Sun. Leo. Tiger. Work. Anime. Music. Singing. Opera. Smiles.

Okay I'm done.

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3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
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6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that." (Ignore rules 5 and 6 because they are not legit rules.)
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12. Be creative with the title, no "I got tagged."
13. Cussing is ALLOWED.


13 Things About Me
1. I'm extremely self-critical. Everybody thinks I have my shit together, but all I see in [MOST] other people is perfection, and what I see in myself are bulletholes where my flaws are. I put on a proud front, I have this huge ego, but I'm extremely sensitive and face doubt, depression, and extreme drops in self esteem on a daily basis. That comment about how I fucked up in my last performance? I may seem indifferent, but don't worry, I've been in agony and despair about it since. Tell me that you're jealous that so many guys ask me out, and that I could be nicer to them? You probably don't know I'm asexual, and that every rejection I give eats away at my soul because I simply don't want a future involving such intimacy with other people, and that I hate that I have to hurt someone else in that process. I want to be perfect too, I'm just not made to be as close to perfection as most people are, and I'm painfully aware of that fact, always.

2. I was bullied a lot as a kid, and I still face lots of discrimination now. I grew up in a predominantly African American-Hispanic neighborhood, where I was the only Asian. I lived next to two drug dealers and across the street from the neighborhood drunk that tended to run around buck-ass naked at night. I was always made fun of and beat up for being the only Asian, and as I grew more frustrated at them and at myself for not being able to stand up for myself, I started retaliah ting. I got suspended in elementary school twice- once for giving another girl a bloody nose out of self defense, after she tried to beat me up for winning a game of rock-paper-scissors in kindergarten, and another for "breaking" a boy's leg during soccer. Then, I moved to another community, where the population was predominantly Asian. Even then I was discriminated against; I was the "Mexican" Asian because I didn't know how to be "Asian" like them. i hadn't grown up with the same unspoken rules as they did, so I broke them all. Also, I was Vietnamese, a full-blooded Vietnamese individual in a community that was predominantly Chinese and half-Chinese-half-Vietnamese people. I was boorish, and no matter how refined my manners where, how cultured I was in Vietnamese culture, or how successful I was in my studies, I was never more than an extremely social acquaintance. It was't until high school, when my peers started to mature, that they started to be more receptive to diversity, and I was able to create a circle of friends with a staggering amount of intimacy that I previously never experienced.

3. I am of noble Vietnamese lineage, so I am extremely well-educated about the Vietnamese language, literature, manners, culture, traditional values, etc. I just... extremely resent that part of myself. I feel like it suffocates me. I was raised in an extremely conservative household with extremely conservative values, manners, and ideals. As I grew older, expanded my horizons (and found more solace in books and information than I did in people, at the time), and became a more liberal thinker, I started to rebel against everything that my family enforced on me, especially things that being in "nobility" entailed. I found more freedom and pride in identifying with the word "American" than I did "Vietnamese-American". Even today, my family and I are on terrible terms with each other. However, I am not sorry for my actions - I had tried to talk to them in the most reasonable, respectful manner I could, and if that isn't enough, I hope someday it will be.

4. I am VERY into politics- both American and International politics. If anyone is willing, I'd like to have long, meaningful arguments and discussions about politics of all kinds, even topics I haven't heard about. I'll research if I don't know something. (It's kind of what I do in my free time, when I'm not listening/singing/writing music or writing for DA.)

5. I love photography, but unfortunately, my camera is too bulky for me to carry all the time, so I just make do with my phone. I try guys, I try. :( I feel like... photography is my way of showing someone how beautiful I see the world, what I see in my perspective, without needing any words to do so. However, I fail at taking pictures of people, especially myself... People can be too perfect to document. ^^

6. I have a kind of superiority complex. It's more I say something really presumptuous but don't really mean it. Hmmm, how do I explain it..... I toot my own horn as a self-defense mechanism, to hide what I really am insecure about. My incredibly proud exterior, however, is confined to the realms of my own abilities; I'd rather say that I can do something and be able to accomplish it, than put down another person to make myself feel good. But some shade can be thrown when shade is due... I'm extremely observant, and most people aren't aware of that. My loud mouth doesn't mean I'm inattentive. Be careful of what you say, walls are thin. ;)

7. Coffee is my one and only love. My friends joke about what might happen if one day, I disappeared into the bathroom with my coffee, and some weird [read:lewd] sounds came out from there. (The HCI acid in my stomach's job is to make love to coffee, not mines. ...... I'M WEIRD I KNOW DON'T ASK)

8. If you missed it before, I'm asexual. However, I'm not aromantic. If you're okay with a metaphorical chastity belt of the rest of your life.... I don't care what gender you are, come talk to me. ;)

9. My favorite color is gold. Not the metallic gold, but a warm gold, like the color you'd associate with warmth and sunlight. Like, a shade or two lighter than the color of honey. 

10. I'm a sweet tooth. I only have one cavity, and that happened when I was 13, and required me to have a root canal. Never had cavities since, and I'd prefer for it to stay that way.

11. I HAVE to multi-task all the time. I feel severe mental pain when my brain is devoid of all thought or trying to focus on one single task. I don't know if this is linked to the insomnia I had as a kid (and stil have even now, and has led to me drinking all the time). Maybe the core values of efficiency, high productivity, and worth ethic has been... genetically ingrained in me. That would be cool.

12. My biggest weakness is time management. I am wayyyy too busy to be alive (I dare you to ask CaptainKatWinters about it), so what seems like procrastination is me actually finishing a shit ton of other work for other committment up until the last minute something is do. Man, did I get into a shit ton of trouble for this in high school. 

13. I hate humankind, but I love humans. I hate how humankind has this "mass mentality" and idea of "conformity" that empowers them to do things that as individuals, they wouldn't do. What fear is there in being different and sticking up for your own values and beliefs? Mass mentality has led things like racism and discrimination to develop. Why is this idea of "different" so bad? What's wrong with being different? Is there a logical, even scientific explanation condemning diversity? I love individuality. YOU DO YOU. Don't feel obligated to do something if you don't 100% agree to it. Don't support something that you know, in your gut, is wrong or doesn't agree with you. Maybe if we could stop emphasizing "conformity", "tradition", problems like racism, sexism, discrimination, harassment... those would disappear. We wouldn't have to lose any more beautiful minds, the world could be a better, more beautiful place. If everybody expanded their horizons just a little bit, understood just a little more about things other than themselves, we could change the world in a major way that no radical reformer himself could. Violence... less blood would stain the Earth we love so dearly.

1. Cake or death?
     I don't know if this is referencing anything, so I'll answer it honestly. CAKE ALL THE WAY. (Diabetus strikes again!)

2. Have you ever been to a convention? If yes, what kind?

     This is going to sound super lame, but I used to attend a bunch of "career conventions". They didn't really help me, actually having the opposite effect and making me even more unsure about my decisions in life. It's developed into this whole other thing about self-confidence and self-depreciation that I might someday talk about. Or later. 

3. What is your favorite emoticon?

     The dung one, duh.

4. Do you like doing tags?

     I don't necessarily dislike them, they're just really long, most of the time.

5. What is your favorite drink?

    Straight black coffee or vodka. Whichever I can get my hands on first. But wine is nice too....

6. What is your favorite fandom?

    This is hard, because I don't see myself as an active member of any fandom. 
     I can't answer this question. I'm sorry. >.<

7. Do you have any pets?
     I have a pet little brother, if that counts. Oh, and a turtle, but he's a member of the family so that probably doesn't count as a pet.

8. What is pi/pie to you?
     "Pi" is this insufferable number you HAVE to use to be precise about any aspect of measurement regarding a circle.
     "Pie", on the other hand, is one of the few things that tie me to the realm of the living, because.... well, I think everyone knows that pie makes a better companion than most people. (America has taught me well....)

9. Do you like school?
     Well, you see, I have this love-hate relationship with the American schooling system, or school in general. I love "being smart" in a sense; I like to accumulate information and use that information, one of the reasons why researching is one of my most valued skills and hobbies. However, although I cannot deny that I enjoy being social, most people who who me well enough to see what goes on behind the scenes really understand my... deep-seated hate and resentment for humankind, in a sense. I absolutely HATE ignorant, provincial, judgmental (in a negative connotation), or unintelligent people. There is a fine line between not knowing very much (a situation in which I can still respect the person IF they have an open mind and is willing to learn) and knowing lots but not being receptive to other ideas (which I CANNOT tolerate). It is possible not agree with someone but still understand their point of view, and it is equally possible for me to dislike someone who agrees with me but will not expand their horizons. 
     Wow.... I didn't mean to digress.
     In short, I am upset with the education system, or rather, most education systems, for emphasizing the idea of validation rather than discussion. I hate the "there is only one right answer" or the "your way of thinking is wrong". "Different" does not mean "wrong". As far as I know, mathematics seem to be the only thing that show there can only be one right answer. Unless you encounter one of these guys (≤) in which oh fuck there is more than one answer?!?! Or in theoretical mathematics, in which I shake my head and pray for your health and sanity. But it is thanks to the "deviants", to the multitude of perspectives brought to the table, as crazy and out there that some ideas may be, that foster progress in society. If we keep emphasizing this idea of conformity or validity or uniformity to our young people, what is the point in diversity and survival? Might as well just say "fuck it, let's just clone and not have sexual intercourse as the main means of procreation" and be done.
     I apologize again.

10. How many slices of pizza can you eat?
     I always limited myself to three, so sometimes I'm still hungry after that. >:( But I love pizza, you have no fucking idea.

11. If you could marry any one fictional character, who would it be?
     The most asexual version of BBC Sherlock you can find. We'd probably get along, being asexuals and all. Except perhaps on the topic of finance. I have the "work hard, spend it all" type of attitude, where I'd save and be extremely stingy for a very long period of time, and then blow it all in one fell swoop. I need to fix that about myself...

12. Do you like waffles or pancakes better?

     This is a ridiculous question, the answer is obviously cake. You MUST eat cake three meals a day, how else are you supposed to live?

13. On estimate, how many times have you been tagged?

      This is my first time, hahaha.

Now I'm asking YOU
1. What's your favorite song? Why?
2. If you had to choose between saving the world or saving the person that mattered most to you, which would you save?
3. Favorite part of history. Any history, of any country.
4. What was your most badass moment of your life, so far?
5. If you were a Disney princess, which one would you be?
6. Butbutbut, *whispers* which Disney princess do you hate the most? 
7. Which personality type, of the 16 personalities, are you? (You can find out here -> 16 Personalities Test)
8. Sunrise or sunset?
9. What type of science do you like most? (You can be as specific as you want, I'm honestly interested.)
10. Rice or noodles?
11. If you could be an ocean, which ocean would you be?
12. Pirate or Navy officer? (We're talking about the romantic age of Pirates, like the Golden Age of Piracy, not modern day piracy.)
13. I'm just curious, would you rather have nice boobs or a nice tush? XD

I'm tagging....

I hope you guys do it, I'd like to know y'all better. >.<
  • Listening to: "Adagio" by Samuel Barber
  • Reading: I'm reading 6 books at a time. Just don't ask.
  • Watching: My bank account plummet into debt.
  • Playing: The march of pity I have on replay in my brain.
  • Eating: Imaginary cake. TT^TT
  • Drinking: Always. Always drinking. JK


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